Q: Hot air only blows out on passenger side and cold air on driver side. What can it be?

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When the car warms up the hot air only blows out on passenger side. Cold air blows out on driver side. What is the problem?

My car has 990000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The problem may lie behind or under the dash. Causes can range from the heater control cable or motors, not properly moving blend doors, or even a broken or detached blend door. The blend doors vary their position depending on input from the cable or motor (depending on the vehicle). If the motor is shorted or cable broken, the blend doors will not move properly and only send air (hot or cold) based on the position it is stuck in. This can cause varying air temperature at different vent locations.

You may want to take the vehicle to the local dealership, or find a repair shop that specializes in heating and air conditioning.

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