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Q: Hood latch is broken and the hood wont open, the latch has a euro design.

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The hood latch release in side the car is gone, i cant find the cable anywhere in there. I went and tried poking through the slotted grill and nothing it there except for a metal housing behind the ford badge. I crawled underneath the car and tried looking for the latch but its blocked but a wire harness of some kind my hands are too big to fit in there to pull it out. The only thing i havent tried is drilling through the badge to reach the latch. Does anyone know a better way of getting to it? The car currently needs new spark plugs so it cant be driven to a shop.

My car has 170000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

I would recommend continuing to look for the cable that goes to the hood release latch. If you have to remove interior paneling to do so, I would recommend it. Getting ahold of that cable and pulling on it with a pair of pliers is likely the best way to get the hood open at this point.

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  • Hood latch is broken and the hood wont open, the latch has a euro design.

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