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Q: Honda dealership maintenance question: Recall on bushings: replace

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Brought in to replace bushings (includes wheel alignment) and for A1 service (oil change and wheels rotated). Added on front brake maintenance.

Once in the shop, how long should it take mechanic to complete all work? (Assuming no other cars in the way of work being completed.)

My car has 84000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It’s not easy to say without knowing: Which bushings are being replaced and knowing exactly what they consider a "brake maintenance". The oil change, tire rotation, and alignment alone can take 2-3 hours easily if the alignment requires adjustment at all 4 wheels. I’ll speculate a bit on the "brake maintenance". - Replace brake pads only - maybe an hour. - Replace brake pads with resurfacing rotors - 2-3 hours. - Replacing brake pads and rotors - 2-3 hours. Why ? Honda has switched brake set up a number of times over the years. Some vehicles have "floating rotors" - which only require the brake caliper be removed to remove and replace the rotor. Some years have "pressed-rotors" - the brake rotor and wheel hub require being removed and a hydraulic press be used to separate the hubs and rotors.

As for the bushings, again it depends on which bushings. Control arm bushings can take an hour per side. Cradle bushings can take much longer. All this work can easily be an all day affair.

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