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Q: honda civic lx wont start

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Saturday, Feb 4th my 2001 Honda Civic LX maint. required light came on (it does not have a check engine light). I took it to autozone where they plugged it up and gave me 3 papers each with a code for the problem and each problem had 3 to 4 probable causes. On my way home the car cut off twice. The next day (Sunday Feb 5th) i put a new catalytic converter on the vehicle because it was on the paper and said to be the most likely cause. It ran better but started over heating and paper white smoke started coming from the exhaust pipe. 3 weeks prior the radiator busted so i put a new radiator and thermostat in the car. That having been done already, after installing the catalytic converter i put in a new water pump (again the cat converter and water pump were installed sunday feb 5) when i finished with the water pump i tried to start the car. It will turn over but not start. When i turn the key back from trying to start it i hear a short soft puff of air from under the hood.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Initially, the goal would be to get the car running but it sounds like there may be some unresolved engine faults based on your mention of the multiple diagnostic codes that were downloaded. A Code Scanner should be used to see if there are unresolved trouble codes, indeed codes that may provides clues to the present no start problem. If there was white smoke in the exhaust during the time the engine was overheating, the cylinder head gasket may have failed and/or there is a breach in the cooling system that allowed coolant to leak into the cylinders. It would be a good idea to check cylinder compression just to verify that there is sufficient compression. Broadly, in a no start scenario, if the starter motor is turning the engine over rapidly, at sufficient RPM, but the engine does not catch and run, that means that there is an ignition, fuel, air induction, or mechanical fault in the engine that will have to be repaired. If compression is found to be within factory specifications, and there is fuel being delivered by the injectors (not just "to" the injectors) and the ignition system is working, that means that the air fuel ratio of the mixture delivered to the cylinders is so far off the mixture just won’t ignite. Such could be due to an air induction fault like a stuck idle air control valve or, considering fuel, could be due to a failed temperature sensor that must be working properly to signal the PCM to enrich the mixture on cold start. Regardless of the underlying cause, if you request a no start diagnostic the responding certified mechanic will get the problem diagnosed and repaired for you. Please let us know if you have further concerns or questions as we are always here to help you.

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