Q: hi is Sangabain. can maxisys ms908 pro do samrt keys programming and ODO meter reset;DPF regeneration. thanks in advanced good day

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Is all about Maxisys ms908 pro.I will like your advice as a mechanic ;can it program smart keys;ODO meter reset and DPF regeneration. All this is because I need it and I live in Africa in Cameroon. For now I have maxidiag MD 802 so I what to take a step forward. Thanks in advance. Good day

I would recommend looking online for reviews and specifications on this particular scanner. There are many scanners out there on the market at this time. At this point, many mechanics often have different scanners than others. I personally have not used this particular scanner however if you consult the instruction manual for it, it will tell you if the features you are looking for are available with that particular scanner.

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Hello. According to my research it would appear that the MS908 PRO scan tool can perform a few of the functions you are looking for. Aside from regular scan tool diagnostic functions, it can also reset the DPF regeneration cycle, and reprogram / reflash engine select engine computers. It cannot, however, reprogram smart keys, or reset or adjust odometer readings. A separate scan tool would be required for these functions. I would recommend inquiring with the manufacturer, Autel, for a more specific list of functions that the MS908 PRO is able to perfrom.

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  3. hi is Sangabain. can maxisys ms908 pro do samrt keys programming and ODO meter reset;DPF regeneration. thanks in advanced good day

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