Q: Hi I am changing the top Radiator Hose to my mothers 94 Oldsmobile.. I see 2 clamps and the shorter hose.. That's what I bought an

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1994 Cutlass Sierra, 6 cylinder... I need to change the top hose, I see 2 clamps, so I went and bought the right hose, 2 clamps and coolant.. How do I bleed the system?? I need to be sure that I can do this for her, because she can't afford the 100.00 range at a shop. This car is a great car, low mileage, and for her Thank You for your help...

My car has 78000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, and thank you for writing in. Bleeding the cooling system is a process of removing the air from the system by allowing the thermostat to open and flush any air out. There is a bleeder screw located next to the water pump that will allow you to crack open the system to allow air out. Some also do this with the radiator cap off, but this is harder to control if this is your first time with this type of repair. Make sure to run the heater in order to flush any air in the heater core as well. Make sure you are prepared for coolant to bubble out of the bleeder valve, as it is not good to spill on the engine. You may also want to do this more than once. Make sure you are keeping up with any coolant loss so that the engine does not run out. For more help, contact our service department to schedule an appointment and get a quote.

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