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Q: Hey, So I believe I may have blown my heater core..

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But I'm not looking to keep this car for much longer than a month or two tops, so I was wondering if you might be able to do a bypass of it for me ( meaning to basically clamp, then cut the hoses and just connect them in a loop using a connector: bypassing the heater core.. I know its possible, a lot of people down south do it because they really don't need the heat in their cars :) I just don't have the know how to do it myself.). I'm aware that will mean no heat in the car during winter, but I'm from Wisconsin: I can bundle up and deal with it for a month or two :) I just don't want to be inhaling the antifreeze fumes or go through the expensive bill for a replacement for a car that I'm going to be rid of soon anyways. Many thanks for the answer ahead of time!

My car has 306000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. If you are getting a coolant smell in the vehicle then it is possible that the heater core is leaking. I usually check for the leak first visually and then do a pressure test that will help me to find the leak. If it is the heater core then it can be bypassed if you cannot afford to fix it. The heater hoses would simply need to be looped together. If you need to have this done you should have a certified mechanic, like one from YourMechanic, check it out to make sure that is the problem before [repairing the coolant leak]

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