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Got my car flushed and replaced a bad thermostat had it back for two weeks before a reck didn't drive it for five weeks got it back had it back two weeks last week had to put antifreeze in it was empty no appearance of a leak went well for a week now back to it going up not all the way to hot but cold air. The mechanic is trying to say it might be a blown head gasket I have read symptoms of that and seen nothing. Could you please try to give me some insight on this thank you so much

My car has 125000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. It is very possible that you have a heater core issue. Usually when your heater does not blow hot air, but you have overheating problems, you are experiencing an obstruction of coolant inside the heater core. When the heater core is clogged with debris or ’sludge’, coolant is not able to "heat" the coils of the heater, which causes the heater to blow cool air as opposed to hot air. This also restricts the flow of coolant to the radiator to be cooled. I would recommend having a professional mechanic come to your location to complete a car is overheating inspection so they can confirm this problem and recommend the right repairs.

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