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So I just had a stereo guy install LED daytime running lights to the bottom of my bumper, in addition to the daytime running lights that come with the car and turn on in auto mode. Now I have this LED conversion kit that I'd like to install into my low beams, but a notice in the package reads " Make sure to disengage daytime running lights by turning them off and only turning them on when needed". Now this all makes sense except for when I try to turn to headlight mode to off, I notice there is a light still on in my headlights and it won't go away. Im assuming these are my hi beams, but if its in the off position, shouldn't everything be off? The newly installed LED lights on the bottom are always on, even brighter in the day, but dim when the actual headlights come on at night. I want to install this LED conversion kit, but Im concerned that the light that stays on in the headlamp might cause some issues later on.

My car has 2000 miles.
My car's transmission is unknown to me.

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