Q: Got my AC compressor replaced, along with the whole kit ( o rings, lube, etc ) and am now told that the AC won't turn off l

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My AC stopped working. I took it to a mechanic and they concluded that the compressor needs to be replaced. Afyer having my car for 2 days, they call and say that the control module is bad and the AC is running all of the time. If the control module is bad, shouldn't this have been looked at before the compressor? That job in over $1000, and now that want to add to that!

My car has 218000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Rick. Thanks for submitting your question to us today. It’s really not our place to tell you or anyone else what another mechanic SHOULD have done; as everybody has their own procedures for diagnosing a problem. ASE best practices suggest inspecting an entire system (and all components that comprise a system) to provide an accurate diagnosis. But, not all mechanics (even those certified) follow these guidelines. I can say that most professional mechanics will complete a full system inspection to tell a customer exactly what is broken and what needs to be replaced. This is especially true with an AC system - with so many moving parts that can fail at the same time.

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