Q: Got 140,160,134,154 after cleaning MAF sensor for 2004 mazda6. I had P0130 earlier but that one gone. should i replace all ho2s?

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My mazda had p0300 and some other codes (174 i believed) earlier. I took it to a dealer and a mechanic before. They both told me to replace cat converters. But I found that filter box was not closed properly and air filter was missing so I suspected I had air leak instead. I fixed that and applied a bottle of cataclean on the car. All codes are gone except p0300. I suspected the MAF sensor got dirty. So I cleaned that with a CRC cleaner. After I put MAF back, p0300 seemed gone. But the car become very sluggish when it tries to accelerate. After a while, codes P0134 (pending), P0140 (confirmed), P0154 (pending), P0160 (confirmed) appear. It seems all 4 oxygen sensors are dead. I wonder if I killed all sensors using MAF cleaner or cataclean. And why it is even more sluggish than when I had p0300? It was very rough when I had p0300. But at least acceleration was okay. But not, the car doesn't want to shift up at all. And it still vibrates a lot, though not as much.

My car has 150000 miles.
My car's transmission is unknown to me.

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