Q: Getting a 0430 error code.

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Hello - I have an 05 Kia Sportage v6 and recently the check engine light came on. According to the shop they got a 0430 catalytic converter error. I have a tester and got an oxygen sensor error. But assuming they are not totally lying to me and it is a catalytic converter issue I have a couple of questions. 1) Should I really care as apparently other sources say I can drive around indefinitely with the same issue. 2)Is it dangerous or will it simply cause a progressive loss of power? 3) Can I clean/remove the converters out without spending $4000. 4) Its a v6 and has 2 manifold and one exhaust converter. If one is bad does it matter? 5) What is the % chance of engine damage if I dont do anything?


My car has 150000 miles and is an automatic transmission.

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