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Q: Gas pump continually shuts off on winter blend

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This is a problem I've had for years (at least 6) where the gas pumps continually shuts its self off while pumping gas into my '02 Sante Fe. I'm lucky if I get 15 seconds before it shuts off again. It happens no matter how fast or slow I pump, or the position of the nozzle in the tank entrance. I've even let the pump "rest" for 30 seconds after it kicks off because I heard this could solve the problem. This ONLY happens on the winter blend. (I live in central Ohio) It doesn't matter which station I go to; BP, Shell, Thorntons, Speedway, UDF, Turkey Hill, Circle K (to name a few)... As soon as the stations switch back to summer blend everything is fine and I can fill the tank non-stop again. The car has no other issues concerning fuel (unless I fill up at BP three tank fulls in a row; their detergents make it misfire), I almost always use the regular blend and usually put a bottle of fuel injector cleaner in about 4x's a year (don't know if it matters, just thought I'd mention it).

My car has 100000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. This is very odd and to be quite honest, has us stumped. Winter fuel blends are typically less refined or oxygenated to help fuel burn in colder weather climates. However, even under the best conditions, only about 80% of the fuel that enters the combustion chamber is actually burned. It is possible that the higher levels of oxygen can create more pressure inside the fuel tank, which might cause the pump to ’click’ more often than in summer season (but this is just a theory). The only mechanical component that would cause this is a EVAP canister or purge solenoid that is faulty. I wish we could give you a direct reason why you’re having this issue, but further inspection of your Hyundai would be needed.

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