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Hi I know this is kind of a stupid question but I recently got a Mazda CX seven and just found out now that takes premium gas and I've had it for about three months I had no idea no one told me My question is do you think I caused damage to my car what should I do

My car has 92209 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. You would be surprised how often putting the wrong fluids in a vehicle happens, and how much damage it can do to the engine. Fortunately you are in a situation where it does not matter a whole not. You should definitely start putting premium high octane gas in the vehicle, but do not worry about the last three months. The difference is the fuel system’s gaskets, hoses, and other small components. They will wear prematurely and not work correctly if not subjected to the type of fuel they are designed for. Again, issues with this happen after years of operating under those conditions. Your vehicle should be fine, but if you are worried, change your fuel filter. This should be done regularly anyway, and is very often looked over. For assistance swapping out your fuel filter, contact our service department.

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