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I have checked the connections to my battery and i have checked the alternator .Both are giving me good and full readings . But the connection at the alternator port seems to be faulty . i say this because , i can Push the connection in or move it and the battery indicator light will go off but after a while it comes back on . I have even replaced the connection but i am having the same problem . My question is could it be that the port of connection to the alternator has a short in it requiring me to replace the alternator or could this mean that the alternator itself is going bad . I would hate to spend money on more parts especially something as expensive as an alternator if i dont need it . i have run out of options here . WHAT COULD MY PROBLEM BE , PLEASE HELP !

My car has 178852 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. You have a very peculiar problem. It is probably be best if a technician or someone else with a little more car experience help you look at it first hand, though it sounds like you have car experience yourself. I believe that your problem is an internal short between the alternator connection and the alternator internals. You should not be able to move the electrical connector on alternator. You may want to double check to make sure that everything is bolted down properly. If the connection is properly fitted you may have internal issues such as the fixture that holds the connector in place being broken. If that is the case the alternator will have to be replaced. If saving money is your goal you may be able to get a used but tested alternator from offline. Please keep in mind that we have mobile technicians who can help you diagnose your vehicle and we also save people as much as 40% when compared to other shops.

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