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Q: Fan not kicking on

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Hello I have a 2014 chevy sonic with the 1.8 ecotech my gf was sitting in a parking lot with the ac on then it turned warm and the Temp light came on she shut it down and let it cool down then got it home. When I got home I found the coolant low so I topped it off and let it run. Fan never kicked on with ac running. I checked power to the fan found 15.4 v I also used a power probe to power fan and it kicked on. The fans connecter has a dropping resister on it I'm not sure if that could be faulty not allowing voltage to it? I also put new fan speed solenoids to eliminate those. Does this fan operate like others when ac builds enough head pressure does it kick the fan on? Are there any common cooling issues with these cars? I'm a mechanic myself by trade but not familiar with these cars. Any help is appreciated thanks in advance.

My car has 60000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. On these modern cars, the radiator fan is activated when the coolant temperature sensor on top of the radiator detects that the coolant has reached a predetermined temperature. This sensor is commonly one of the first components of the cooling system to fail. It’s also common for excessive debris to cause the electrical harness connected to this sensor to fail as well. This video is actually very good to review that will explain what I’m talking about.

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