Q: Everytime I slow down to a stop or slow down for a turn my car makes a beeping noise inside.

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Whenever I slow down to a stop, or slow down to make a turn my car makes a beeping noise inside the car. It varies on how many beeps it will make anywhere from 2-10. It makes the same beeping noise you'd hear if the car is turned off and you open the door and the lights are still on. It's also definitely inside the cabin that the beeps are heard, not outside. It doesn't always do this when stopping or turning, it's very irregular. Sometimes I can go a whole day without it beeping, and other days it constantly goes off whenever I slow down. I don't think this will make a difference, but for the longest time I've had the check engine light, security light, traction off light and oil pressure lights on.

My car has 128374 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Christian. Thanks for writing back to us. I remember your question from the other day, and actually, those warning lights is some vital information that could lead to a clear diagnosis. A warning light is triggered when a vehicle system detects an electrical or mechanical fault. This will store an OBD-II trouble code in the ECU, which then illuminates the warning lights you have listed. By having a professional mechanic come to your location to download those codes - it’s much easier to determine what is damaged, faulty and most likely - the source of that strange beeping sound.

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