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Q: Entire Dashboard Resetting/Re-Initializing Over and Over Every Few Seconds, Car Still Runs

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Thursday it wouldn't start. I had triple AAA come and jump it, ran fine and I drove it around for ~30 minutes. Then when I parked and shut the engine off everything died. Normally my head unit stays on until I open the door, but it cut off immediately when the engine turned off.

I checked the engine and the battery terminals were loose. Tightened them and the engine started fine, however now the entire dashboard seems to be resetting every few seconds. The dash will initialize, show my speed, RPMs, selected gear, etc, for about 1 second, then beep, reset, everything shows like it is off, then after a few seconds it initializes again and repeats forever.

The truck runs fine mechanically and drives fine. I had a mechanic look at it and he said he can't find anything wrong, but there are some error codes related to power in/out from my head unit. He thinks maybe it is a security thing but he's not too familiar with the electronic side of cars. I disconnected the head unit but no change.

My car has 106000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It sounds like you may be having an issue with your alternator. Oftentimes when the alternator fails, other electoronic systems of the vehicle begin to fail as well. I would recommend enlisting in the assistance of a qualified professional to check your alternator with a digital multimeter. The alternator must produce at least 14 volts in order to be considered functional. If the alternator is not producing at least 14 volts, I would recommend to replace the alternator.

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