Q: Engine won't turn over after power loss

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Husband was driving the car to work Monday, it "hiccuped", the lights went crazy and he lost power, but the car didn't stall. Replaced the alternator. Car seemed fine.

Thursday, I was headed home from the airport after dropping a friend off, going around 60 mph, and accelerated to 70 to pass the people in front of me. The car accelerated, lost all power. No response when I gave it gas, no warning lights , but the engine was still running. I pulled over to the side of the road, came to a complete stop and the engine quietly died. No spluttering or noises.. I popped the hood, checked the battery cables, tried to start it again. The lights, radio, ac all turn on, but the engine doesn't turn over. Towed it home. Tried to start it again. There is a click -click from the steering column, and a "scritch" noise from what I think are the relays for the starter/fuel pumps.

Going to have the starter tested, but what else could it be?

My car has 200000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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