Q: Engine rebuild or used low mileage engine...? 2004 Ford F150

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My engine is 438000 miles of engine ...I need to know what would be more dependable and convenient...An engine rebuild, or replacing engine with lower mileage

My car has 438000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there - replacing a worn out engine offers several choices: rebuild, replace with a used, lower mileage engine, or install a new or often-called "crate" engine from Ford. In terms of convenience and reliability, a "crate" engine can be swapped in quickly, offers new engine reliability, and offers a warranty at any Ford dealer for any issues. A low-mileage used engine can be a good economical choice, with similar convenience for a potentially quick swap, although with less problem resolution options. More care is required with a used engine to address any problem or service needs before installing it. A rebuilt engine is often the most expensive option, due to lower volume, higher labor cost, but preserves the originality of the engine if that is important to you. A rebuilt engine can be just as reliable as a new engine, depending on the care and experience of your rebuilder. Good luck with your choice!

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