Q: Electrical problems, can't turn off the vehicle

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recently ive forgot to put my car in "park" and took the keys out , ive noticed i did that i put the keys back in the ignition put the car in park and tried to turn the car off , but now the engine wont turn off or the battery when i put the key in the ignition , it seems to be very loose no lock or click sounds . Ive tested to see if i can drive without the key in the car and i can .... ive finally got the car to turn off by checking my fuel manual and turning the car off that way , im afraid when i turn it back on to drive i will have to same problems ...what should i do ???

My car has 144000 miles.

Hello. From what you describe it would appear that you may have a damaged ignition lock cylinder. Virtually all ignition cylinders are designed to keep prevent you from removing the key if the transmission is not in park. If you were able to remove the key then that may be a sign that the ignition lock cylinder is broken or damaged, which could be why it is loose and making a clicking noise. As the ignition lock cylinder is directly connected to the electronic ignition switch, the component that controls power to the vehicle’s electronics and starting system, an issue with it can result in electrical problems with the vehicle. To restore proper functionality to the vehicle I would recommend a proper diagnosis and replacement of the ignition lock cylinder.

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