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Car is driving perfectly normal, but engine light has been on constantly for close to 5 months. Took it to private mechanic and had fuel pumps, senders, seals and lock rings replaced last month. Paid $224.00 for parts and labor. One to 2 days later, the engine light was back on. Took car to the Hyundai dealer for a second opinion. Told that there is obviously a leak somewhere but that they could not locate the issue. Told that with the engine light on the car would not pass the emissions test. They weren't able to locate the leak initially, had to have a "smoke test" done to locate the leak. This indicated that there is a leak in the seal of the fuel pump. It is now being suggested that I have the same parts replaced and I am being charged $618.75 for the repair. Any thoughts? Sounds awfully expensive and not entirely sure it will correct the issue.

My car has 110000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there. It sounds like your vehicle has what is called evaporative emissions codes being stored. The evaporative emissions system is designed to keep fuel vapor from escaping to the atmosphere. These systems run a "self test" to check for proper operation; does it have a leak or not? If a leak is detected, it sets a code. Smoke testing is a valuable tool in a qualified technician’s arsenal for diagnosing. Also, a good understanding of what the system is actually doing when the code sets is equally as valuable because the technician will understand what part of the system is being tested for the triggered code. I suggest getting a second opinion and quote for the repair; be sure to ask what the failure is, what caused it, and why it needs to be replaced. Empower yourself and ask questions until you understand what is occurring. Your Mechanic has several available technicians that can assist you with a check engine light inspection.

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