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Q: Engine does not start easily once it is hot after driving continuously for about twenty minutes. Mileage is 16 miles per litre.

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I am using a 3-cyclinder 800cc Suzuki car employing multipoint fuel injection. There is no problem at all with cold start. Once the car is driven for about 20 minutes on end and if the engine is switched off for about 10 minutes, then it becomes very difficult to start the engine again. I have to open the hood and let the engine cool down for about 10 minutes. Then it will start with a single crank as if it's still a cold start.

I had the fuel pump checked and the spark plugs have been replaced with new ones. But the bug still persists.

The main part of the ignition system is a canister type ignition coil WITHOUT a ballast [resistor]. The distributor is electronic ignition, not contact points as in the case of the carburettor version. Being an multipoint fuel ignition engine, there is, of course, an engine management unit [EMU].

My email ID: for a personal reply. Is it safe to replace the ignition coil if it is faulty with a coil that uses a ballast?

Thank you.

My car has 16 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Most likely, your car is experiencing excess fuel in the intake and cylinder. It may be in the form of liquid or vapor. A cold motor requires a richer fuel mixture to start and a warm motor requires less fuel. A hot motor with excess fuel is a flooded motor. There is a good way to test this theory. Simply floor the gas pedal and crank the motor. It will still be hard to start and will not run very well once it eventually starts, so you will need to feather the throttle until the fuel clears from the cylinders and normalizes. This procedure is what is known as clear flooding.

Some possible causes are a leaking fuel injector, fuel pressure regulator or just a rich running motor in general. At 16 miles per litre or approximately 59 mpg, that would seem to be a fairly efficient engine that is not using excess fuel. Unless of course, you typically achieve better fuel mileage. In which case, a scanner and some diagnostics will be required to figure out why. A rich running motor will get poor fuel mileage and will also cause your hot start condition.

I recommend the following inspection to help you out. Car is hard to start inspection

Good luck!

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  • Engine does not start easily once it is hot after driving continuously for about twenty minutes. Mileage is 16 miles per litre.

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