Q: Engine Code P0172

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This car does not have a Catalytic Converter.

The check engine light is on with the code of P0172 (Running Rich in BAY 1)

What exactly does that mean? I was told by a Subaru Technician that the air intake was less than the fuel being supplied to the engine and that it was the one causing that code. I have a Short Ram intake attached and just cleaned the MAF. It bogs and jerks when accelerating at about 2.5k RPMs but when put above 3k RPMs the acceleration is fine. Also running through a full tank of gas in about two days. I have found no leaks at all dripping on the ground but a strong smell of gas in the car and under the hood. I have researched a bit on this problem and people are saying it could be a faulty O2 Sensor, MAF, or Fuel Injectors.

This car does not have a Catalytic Converter.

My car has 127000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

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