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i was wondering what else would i have to upgrade and change if i got a 2010 cadillac 4.6l northstar for my camaro and what would be the estimate i know i would keep the same trasnimission since both used the 6L50 transmission and where could i go to get more info aabout what ill have to do to make this swap and what would i have to get if you could list it for me
My car has an automatic transmission.

Unfortunately, Your Mechanic does not perform engine replacements or engine swaps. While I’m sure it can be done with the right shop and deep enough pockets, it might be simpler to swap a V8 that was available in the Camaro from the factory, like an SS engine. Your best source of information may be online Camaro forums to see if anyone else has attempted this swap or can maybe direct you to someone who has or is willing to take it on.

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