Q: Driver headlight out but turns on when I tap it

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Usually when I start the engine after it has been turned off, the driver side headlight will not turn on (5% of the time it does). If it doesn't, I give it a tap and it turns on. Tapping it again multiple times does not turn it back off and neither does driving on speed bumps or bumpy roads turn it off.

Hi Jonathan. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Generally speaking, when an electrical component does not work and you "tap it" then it finally works, it’s due to a poor electrical harness connection. On a headlight, this could be as simple as the harness behind the headlamp, or there is a faulty or loose ground wire connection causing this problem. If you’re able to, you should inspect the rear headlamp connection and verify nothing is loose, frayed, damaged or that no water or excessive condensation has built up inside the light. If you’d like to have a professional mechanic come to your location to inspect and recommend or complete a repair, please let us know - we’d be happy to assist.

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