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Q: Does my new car have a dpf filter? 2011 Renault Megani 1.5 106hp

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Does my new car have a dpf filter and if so have I made a huge mistake in buying if I don't do many miles and do stop starts around town? Secondly is there a good filter treatment that will get rid of soot and blocakge and regulate dpf filter temperature? I've heard Millers Oils Diesel Power Ecomax fuel treatment is good but I don't know the size of my fuel tank or how much to use and don't really want to fill the whole tank up and waste fuel making the filters work harder. Any tips would be great?! Thanks ( ps my car is not on the list - it's a Renault Megan 2011 dci 1.5 dynamic 106 3 door

Hello. We will be happy to assist you. Not all 1.5 liter DCI engines have a DPF filter though most of them produced after 2009 do. I believe yours will have a DPF filter but it would be best to have a technician check your vehicle to verify that. If you are having problems with temperatures you may want to check your temperature sensor, located on the DPF(if applicable) The Miller oil diesel power product is great only for fuel system cleaning. It will clean the fuel lines, fuel filter and the fuel injectors but would not clean out the DPF. The fuel system cleaning will help the engine produce cleaner emissions thereafter but it will not clean the deposits already present in the DPF. A great way to have your DPF professionally cleaned is by a specialist such as or you may purchase a product such as Wurth DPF cleaner, which is more of a DIY option.

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