Q: Do I need to replace my MAP sensor?

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Hi there, I went to autozone due to a check engine light and 2 issues came up, the coolant temp wasn't where it was supposed to be so the worker there said to change the coolant, okay no problem. However, he also said that the diagnostic read I need to replace my MAP sensor but that usually it's just that the air filter isn't connected right, or something isn't connected correctly, but almost always the MAP sensor isn't actually failing and it's the air filter. So, my question is that it his advice I should follow or should I replace my MAP sensor as the scan tool suggested?

You should not replace your coolant or the MAP sensor until both codes are diagnosed. The codes you got are an indication of a problem, and does not tell you the exact part to replace. The codes allow you to know which sensor or system to get diagnosed and will simply help a mechanic pinpoint the problem. I would suggest having a mechanic diagnose the Check Engine Light codes so that an accurate repair can be made. You will save money this way instead of replacing parts and hoping they repair a problem.

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