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Hi, I'm in the process of installing a new distributor in my car, and I've followed the instructions of installing a new distributor to the best of my knowledge, up until I install the new distributor. I have the rotor lined up correctly, but the distributor won't fit in all the way and I'm unable to budge it to go in fully. I can't tell whether I did something incorrectly, or if there's an issue with my car.

Any advice would be appreciated.

My car has 70000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

As long as you did everything reverse of removal when installing the distributor, the distributor should fit in the same as the old one came out. If it is not fitting correctly I would make sure that nothing got jammed inside the whole that you are attempting to put the distributor into. It is also possible that you got the wrong part. I would double check the new distributor compared to the old distributor to make sure that they look exactly the same.

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Hi Michael. Thanks for contacting us today. Sometimes you need to gradually move the distributor input shaft slowly into position, moving it around slightly to ensure it engages with the gears on the camshaft. Having your engine at Top Dead Center makes installing a distributor much easier as well. You might want to purchase a service and repair manual for your Nissan and refer to the manufacturers’ instructions for further assistance.

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