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Q: Coolant warning

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I started my car and the "coolant" warning flashed up. I shut the car off and checked the reservoir and it was low but not empty.I was close to needing an oil change, so I had that done and when they popped the hood the reservoir was full and didn't need coolant. They only change oil there but said it was a thermostat issue. I haven't noticed any leaking, the heat works great and the temp indicator never moves, which I look at a lot. The temp outside went way down overnight. I hate to bring it in since they will sell me on this and other things. Any suggestions?

My car has 95000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

All things considered - coolant level is now correct, no over heating, no coolant leaks, etc, the coolant level sensor itself may be stuck or shorted. The level sensor is located in the bottom of the coolant reservoir. You can try to remove the reservoir and sensor to clean/flush the reservoir bottle and sensor. If the sensor is sticking, this may help. Otherwise, the sensor may have to be replaced.

A certified technician can look into the low coolant warning to determine if the coolant level sensor or other components are at fault.

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