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Q: continual dead battery horrible sound when pushing in clutch while starting the vehicle and shifting gears

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When I start the vehicle ( which has been charging for a sum of about 15-20 min it always needs jumped because the battery is plum dead) as I engage the clutch peddle to the floor it starts making this awful noise. If I don't push the peddle all the way in it doesn't make that sound. Same goes for when shifting gears. I noticed that the head lights dimmed when that sound acures. Just in case it may help diagnose my car I have been experiencing what seems to be an electrical problem. The dead battrey issue started about 3 months ago when the fan motor would not turn off even after the car was shut off. I have been removing a 40 amp fuse every time to avoid draining of the battrey.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello there. The issue with your clutch pedal is mechanical, typically due to faulty clutch cable or adjustment. However, it’s likely that you’ve got additional electrical problems on your Ford, so it’s best to have a professional mechanic complete a check engine light inspection, so they can download error codes that are causing mechanical and electrical problems you’ve described.

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