Q: Clicking sound before it starts in addition to ignition. PS, new battery

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As I turn the key (my car has a time picking up ignition) and it picks up, in the background I hear a distinct clicking sound. Heard it before about a week ago when I made a dinner run to the grocery store and when I turned off the car for about 10 mins, it was dead except the radio and lights. Then 20 mins later it started back up out of nowhere. Went to Autozone and they thought maybe I needed a tune-up. So I used tune-up in a bottle which has kept me running so far( can't afford one right now). While the car was on yesterday, it was shaking, so I didn't turn it off when I got to my daughter's school because I was scared it would not start back up. Please help, just using car to take children to school and back for now.

My car has 183452 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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