Q: Cig lighter short causing issues everywhere

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So I got the genius idea of trying to run a toggle switch thru . the power and ground for cig lighter was a 2 way switch with off in middle. I ran hot from cig lighter and led strip to middle pole and ground from truck and led to outside pole. Strip turned on as soon as hooked up wire but when I flipped switch there was a pop and all inside cab and rear went dark. I replaced taillights and found loose ground near rear which turned them on except driver rear middle bulb which is new bulb. Also when truck running if I turn on blower moter truck wAnts to die, or if I switch on headlights truck wants to die, when putting in 20amp fuse there is small spark from fuse box. O and I disconnected dome light because it had short before these problems.Please help me figure out where to look for short or something.

My car has 350000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

If this issue started after installing the toggle switch but was not happening prior to that , it is possible that the cigar lighter circuit will not work for another circuit. I would recommend searching your fuse box for an empty fuse cavity. Once you find one, you can use it to hook up your toggle switch to and use a separate fuse. This will likely solve the issue you are having because your toggle switch will be on a circuit independant of all other circuits.

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