Q: car won't start with new battery

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I left my lights on a week ago and the battery died. Had triple A come out to jump it, and it didn't want to start. This has happened before, whenever I've had to have it jumped it's been hard to start, but after the jump there has never been an issue with getting it started. It clicked the first day afterwards, but I let it sit for a week because I didn't have any time off to get it looked at. Thought it might have been the battery even though triple A said the battery was fine and had a full charge. Had it tested at a local auto part store and they showed me it had no charge. Bought a new battery (old one that came with the car was a triple A battery that was dated for 2012), installed it correctly (positive first, negative second, nothing turned on to blow a fuse), and now it won't even attempt to turn over and nothing turns on. Is it possible it's the starter or did I maybe get a bad battery? Or could it be something else?
My car has an automatic transmission.

Be sure the vehicle alarm is "off" so that no immobilizer system comes into play. "New" batteries are not necessarily sold fully charged, so the first thing to check is the state of charge of the battery or just simply put the battery on a charger to be sure it’s charged. It’s unlikely there’s anything "wrong" with the battery, other than the charge just needs to be verified. Once you are sure that you have a fully charged, "new" battery to work with, if upon turning the key to the start position nothing happens, that means that either no power is getting to the starter motor "or" (typically "or" although of course can be and/or) the starter solenoid/motor assembly is no good. Using a voltmeter, it’s easy to verify if power is reaching the starter when the key is held in the start position. If power is reaching the starter and there is no starter function you need a new starter motor. If power is not reaching the starter, then the starter circuit has to be traced, including, wiring, fuse, relay and ignition switch. If you desire, you can request a mobile visit from a YourMechanic certified specialist who will perform a no start diagnostic and get this resolved for you promptly.

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