Q: Q: Car won't start in colder weather

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I have a 95 Chevy cavalier and I noticed that when I started it..it would drag a little. Then one day I got in it and it wouldn't start. All the lights work fine..all my gauge lites work fine, it dings when you put the key in but when I turn it over, it does nothing...no ticking...nothing. I tried to jump it over and it didn't work. I had a friend tell me it was my starter but it wouldn't even turn over when you tapped it with a hammer. Then one day I went out to start it and it started right up..but I noticed it was warmwr outside and it stopped cranking when it was really cold. I drove it and shut it on and off all thruout the day and then the next morning it had gotten colder out and I went to start it and nothing. ..I'm really confused on what it could be. Plz help lol
My car has an automatic transmission.

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