Q: Q: Car won't start.

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A week ago car was running just fine, but one night it turned slow and didn't start. I tried it again and it fired right up. Thinking nothing of it I kept driving as usual. The next night it experienced no problems until I got home. I shut the car off after driving about 15 miles to get my mail. When I went to start it a few minutes later it wouldn't start, again the slow turning. This time, however, a clicking and whirring noise was coming from my dash and my trip odometer and other trip info auto reset itself. the next morning it started right up. For a day or two it would only have trouble starting when the engine was hot, but it would turn a little slower than usual and if it didn't start the dash noise would happen with the resets. Battery voltage always read fine no matter what. Yesterday it wouldn't start at all, still making the usual dash problems. This time a clicking noise was coming from driver's side mid way up the car. Starter maybe? But what's with the dash stuff?

My car has 163000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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