Q: Car won't start, but is turning over

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new spark plugs and spark plug wires, battery, ignition switch, alternator, carburetor, coil, and distributor and distributor cap. The condenser and points came with the new distributor but i'm not 100% sure if they're functional as the car has never ran with them in it, although the distributor is remanufactured and it should be working fine. The car is spinning and it sounds very very close to starting but it won't start. The distributor was put in at Top dead center on the compression stroke. There is spark to the spark plugs, and still no starting. I tried putting gas down carburetor and still didn't start. The car was running fine before it got cold, when it got cold it ran absolutely terrible, thats when i replaced the carburetor and distributor. Now it won't start. Not sure what else to do or check. The new carburetor has an automatic choke that changes with temperature.

My car has 55000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

If you are getting spark and fuel to the engine then you may have a timing issue or compression issue. First bring the engine number one cylinder up on compression stroke and then recheck the distributor is not indexed wrong. If not indexed to point at number one cylinder on the cap then reset it and see if vehicle starts. If distributor is in correct then check engine compression to see if timing chain jumped timing. It would cause low compression and distributor to be out of alignment.

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