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Q: Car won't kick up in gear past 30 mph.

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I got the car a year ago- I've had a few issues with it.... and about 8 months ago the car wouldn't kick up in speed past 30 mph so I had it hooked up to a machine to read the engine for problems---- it said both transmission sensors are giving the car problems.... does this seem valid and roughly as a ball park number how much does something that cost - I want to get the money together before I bring it to a shop for repair. Now that the car hasn't been running the battery is dead and I have to constantly jump start it- - and now the horn and wipers don't work---- I'm assuming that's a fuse because it's not reading any issues in the steerin column or anything else- how much in total should the average mechanic charge me to fix everything

My car has 130000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there:

If your Dodge is having issues accelerating over 30 MPH and a scan indicated you have some transmission sensor issues, it’s possible your vehicle has entered a LIMP MODE; which essentially restricts the vehicle’s ability to drive slow until you can have it inspected or repaired. However, you don’t need to bring it to a shop. It would be a good idea to have a mobile mechanic to complete a check engine light inspection first, so they can determine which sensors are faulty and recommend the right repairs.

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