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Q: Car will not start

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When I try to start my car, all I hear is something spinning like a fan or something. All electrical is fine I've already check the battery and all the fuses. Beyond electrical I don't know much about cars.

My car has 74000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. Thank you for writing in. The main thing we need to know to start the diagnostic process is, will the engine "turn over"? As in, when you turn the key to start, does the engine crank? If all you are hearing is a fan like noise, then chances are you are not hearing the engine start. This means that the starter is not cranking over the engine and performing its job for one reason or another. From here, you will need to remove the starter and visually inspect it for obvious damages. There may be other issues internally that you cannot see. You can even bench test the starter, however these test can be misleading. They do not "load" test the starter, meaning bench tests only measure the starter’s ability to spin freely and does not actually test the starter’s ability to turn over the engine. If it fails, it needs to be replaced. Even if it passes, the starter is one of those tricky components to test, and you may need to replace it anyway. Testing the car with a known good starter is always a good option if you have it. If the car works with a known good starter, you know this component is the issue. Rule out the starter before you try to further diagnose anything else.

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