Q: Car was working fine before but now bothing turns on at all, and no noise. Key remote also won't un/lock car at all

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I baught this car used and have been using it for about a month and everything was fine. I used it this morning and it was running perfectly. But about 4 hours later I go to turn it on and the stearing wheel is stuck so I can't turn the key I jiggle it abit and it turns on for about 5 seconds but only the radio and dash lights come on. The car won't start and it makes no noise. I turn it off and try again, this time nothing comes on at all.. the engine doesn't making a starting noise and no lights come on in the car and also radio and ac don't work. I try a couple of times and still nothing. I go inside and try locking the car with my remote but now that doesn't work aswell, it worked fine earlier and even unlocked the car when I was using it the second time but now it doesn't work at all, the light on the remote turns on but doesn't affect the car at all?

My car has 89000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Give the shifter a good wiggle forwards and backwards. If it starts after doing that, you may have issues with the shifter interlock or the shifter cable itself. If the shifter cable is loose or worn, it may not be allowing the shifter to be fully in park and causing issues with the ignition. If this does nothing to get the vehicle to start, then the ignition switch and/or ignition lock cylinder themselves may be at fault. The ignition lock cylinder car wear over time, as can the key(s). Try another key if you have one. If that doesn’t help, a new ignition with new keys may be the answer.

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