Q: Car unexpectedly powered down while driving.

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Car had just returned from mechanic after getting new alternator, AC clutch, and various belts/valves replaced. Car drove great for about 20 minutes at 70mph, I slowed, and started accelerating again and the car began to hesitate/skip around 20mp to the point that I pulled over and then the car shook a few times and then powered down completely. Gave it a minute and then started it again and it drove great to 60mph and then started to lose it again and slowly dropped to 50mph and started to shudder again, pulled over, shook again, and then powered down completely. Car would not restart, it would turn over, but not catch. Prior to going to the mechanic, car was doing fine in terms of actual driving, never shut down or anything, my brake and battery lights would just flash intermittently and thus alerted us to an alternator issue. The catalytic (?) converter replaced in the last maybe four years, but my mechanic suggested that as a possibility though he can't look at it for a few days.

My car has 165000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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