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Hello I have a Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 1996 6.0 L cylinder, and I have gotten and tune up and changed my spark plugs , ignition coil , catalytic converter , oxygen premium sensor, and my fuel filter but yet when It turns it on in the morning its still stalling a little and sometimes it cuts off on me while I'm driving it. Like I have wait 20 minutes sometimes and let it warm up but it still does it sometimes even when I already let it warm up. what happens is my check gages light comes on and the steering wheel locks up so I will have to pull over it use to give me time to pull over but now it just shuts off while driving then when I to start it back it will be stalling a minute and take one till three times to start back up but then it gets flooded super quick when do that. So also I would have to let it sit for like 20 minutes just letting it get back right but usually after that it starts right up. so can anyone tell me what they think is going on before I just put more money in

My car has 206000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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