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Q: Car Trouble

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when I come to a complete stop & then press the gas, my car jerks( like it's being kicked) Also, it starts to jump on & off if I stay on the gas too long. My "check service engine" light never comes on though.

I recently took a trip & drove it for 3hrs. It wouldn't go over 70mph, then my "check engine light" flashed on & off (for the first time). I've took it to plenty of places to be looked at but nothing ever shows up when they hook it up to the monitor. So, they can't find out the issue. Any suggestions, on what it could be?????

Thank you!

My car has 167000 miles.
My car's transmission is unknown to me.

Hi there. In most cases, the symptom you are describing is caused by a vacuum leak, or malfunction of fuel system or ignition system component. If your check engine light has illuminated while driving, it’s possible that error codes are still stored inside the ECU of your Buick. It’s a good idea to have a professional mobile mechanic come to your location and complete a check engine light inspection. This should give them a starting point to help you diagnose your issues.

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