Q: Car overheated.Fans don't turn on. I switched the wipers fuse & it turned on the passengers side fan on. Can it be something else?

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Car overheated yesterday. A.C. stopped working as well. I poured new coola t i to the resevoir because it had spilled through the cap resevoir. I turned the car on, thinking it might have just needed the cap to be tightened. Well 3 mintues into it, it overheated. I checked the radiator fan and they both don't work. I'm hoping its not the thermostat. Anyway, i checked the fuses and findout the (40 rad fan hi/low) fuse is burnt. I switch it with the 40 from the wipers and the passenger side fan turned on. About 1 to 2 min later the drivers side fan began to smoke.. Smelled like a short electrical burn. I took it to the mechanic and they charged me 40 bucks for inspection which would go tonthe overall price if I fix it with them. He told me that the fan assembly needs replacing and that there is a short somewhere. Because they tried 3 fuses and it burnt all 3. He is charging me 320.00. 1) does the price sound good? 2) does the problem sound right? Or can it be something else too?

My car has 140000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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