Q: Car keeps turning off

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I was driving at normal traffic speend 15 miles PH and my car started to make a kick and my rpm meeter started dropping, did that for a good 5 min here and there till it finally turned off . I checked the oil and it was really low now i put 3 quarts and it keeps turning off, check engine light and slip light is on.

My car has 159000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Many vehicles have a safety feature built into the vehicle’s computer system which will shut the engine down completely or trigger a “safe mode” of some kind which will drastically limit the vehicle’s engine power or in some cases shut it down completely to avoid further engine damage until the oil pressure problem is corrected. If your oil was 3 quarts low, it is quite likely that this was the case with your vehicle as this represents a large majority of the total oil capacity in your engine. I would recommend having a professional from YoruMechanic come to your location to perform an oil change service on your vehicle to be sure you are starting off with the proper amount of oil to avoid this in the future.

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