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Q: Car is slipping gears and not wanting to shift, transmission issues?

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Car began to slip gears and act as though it did not want to shift once I get to about 50mph. Have checked transmission fluid and refilled it. Car is still showing the symptom described above. Does it take awhile for the fluid to get everywhere? Or do I have a transmission problem?

My car has 95000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. When a transmission fluid change is completed, the changes are instant; as the transmission is a hydraulic-based system and the fluid helps to keep pressure inside the system once you start up the vehicle. It may take a few minutes for the pressure to build correctly; but not to the point where it wouldn’t repair a slipping transmission issue. It is quite possible that your problem is internal; with either some worn out gaskets or seals inside the transmission or perhaps damage in the torque converter or other internal components. It is best to have a professional mechanic come to your location and complete a car is hard to shift inspection first, especially before you take it in for "service"; as the mobile mechanic can typically give you a clear idea as to the root source of your problem and recommend the right repairs.

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