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Recently had transmission replaced, shortly after check engine light came on. Have not had that checked. I left my lights on and came back to the car and my car wouldn't turn on. Had to get a jump. Not sure if it would be the battery or alternator, how can I find out? Please give me some tips I am 19 year old girl first car and so confused because I just paid 1000 for a new transmission and now this.. there is also a light that says AT check I believe. Thank you

Hello. Thanks for writing in. Lets start by discussing the dead battery. When the lights were left on, the battery was drained. After jump starting it and allowing the alternator to recharge it, the battery should be fine. Have you had any issues restarting the car after you had it jumped? If the battery still wont wonk, you will want to have it tested. This can be done for free at most automotive stores. If the batter tests good, you will need to test the alternator. This too can be removed from the vehicle and tested at some automotive parts stores. That is a little more difficult then removing the battery, so make sure to test the battery first. Once the car is starting consistently, you will need to have the vehicle scanned. This also can be done at the automotive parts stores. A technician would also be able to do these things for you, but they will charge a diagnostics fee. There is likely something wrong with the transmission install that was just performed. But luckily the computer knows where the issue is, and is trying to tell you. It may be just a sensor, or something small. You wont know until you get it scanned. You can take any further repairs from there. Start by checking your charging system and get it working soundly. Then start to diagnose the AT (automatic transmission) warning light.

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