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Q: cant get into gear

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i was driving around one day after doing a brake job and everything was good, car sat a few days as its colder and dont drive as much but once i went to shift it was super hard to get into a gear even if i could get into it. before this i wasnt able to get into reverse at all. i had to start the car with it already in reverse to be able to reverse. but like i said i cant shift into any gear now

My car has 84000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hard shifting with a manual transmission can be caused by a few different situations or components. Sometimes it can happen without warning. Even though it is a manual transmission, changing the fluid, maybe even to a synthetic, can make shifting easier, especially in cold weather. The shift linkage being out or adjustment, or worn shifter linkage or bushings, can also play a role. A common cause can be a worn clutch however. Is it easier to move the shifter through the gears when the vehicle is off ? If so, then the clutch is the most likely culprit. If the clutch disc is worn enough, it may not be fully releasing. When that happens, it can be a struggle to move the shifter into and out of any gear.

Have a certified technician look into the hard shifting to find the exact cause.

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