Q: Can someone please tell me what electrical problems or ignition switch problems are going on with my 1998 GMC Jimmy

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About a month ago I bought a 98 Jimmy me and my grandfather didn't notice anything wrong with it accept the odometer light did not work and we thought that it was a fuse. I put a brand new battery in it before driving it home and on the way home I didn't notice anything wrong with it but the next morning before going to work my grandfather went to start it and it was completely dead. When I'm driving or it's started it's not losing any battery voltage powere or if it's set for only a few hours it doesn't lose any power it's only when it's turn off for a long period of time like when it's off overnight. I was driving it a couple weeks later and noticed the driver low headlight was out. my step dad went to change the bulb and the new boss did not work either so he tried the light bulb that wasn't working on the driver side on the passenger side and it worked but would not work on the driver's side. Also my driver window feels like the motor is going out. Any advice would be appreciated

My car has 123456 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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