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Q: can i change the transmission fluid in my car. its pretty nasty

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I just bought my car. And the transmission fluid is horrible dirtym.can I just change it. No flush just change

My car has 220000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

I have to say I’m hesitant to tell you yes for either a flush or changing the fluid and filter. "Horribly dirty fluid" and 220,000 miles are my reasons. If the fluid condition is that bad, then odds are the previous owner or owners may not have ever serviced the transmission, or it’s been too long since it was last serviced. If it is shifting fine, then maybe I’d risk changing the fluid and filter. If your motivation behind changing the fluid is that the transmission may not feel right, you may be opening a can of worms by changing the fluid. It sounds counter intuitive, I know. Why would I recommend NOT changing that dirty fluid ? Chalk that up to experience. It can go either way with that kind of mileage and fluid condition. You can service the transmission and it will be fine. Or, you can service the transmission and the car may not move after you’re done. I’d suggest taking it to a local transmission specialist and let them take a look at it before doing anything else.

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